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ShipIt Has Closed

After delivering millions of Ubuntu CDs, the Ubuntu ShipIt program has closed. It is still possible to download Ubuntu for free from, or, as the message states, “buy a CD straight from the Canonical shop.”

The problem I have with this is that Ubuntu CDs come in packs of 5. What if a person wants only *one* CD? Paying for the other 4 should not be required. I wonder if it is almost as expensive to ship one as it is 5?

At any rate, may ShipIt rest in peace.

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Maverick Meerkat (Ubuntu 10.10) Has Been Released

Today, 10/10/10 (otherwise known as October 10, 2010) has marked the release of Ubuntu 10.10, Maverick Meerkat. The download button on the Ubuntu home page now lets you download Maverick. There is also an alternate options page for those of us who love bit-torrents.

Since this is release day, I heartily recommend that you download the bittorrent if you want to get the iso quickly. It may even work faster than the tried-and-true standby, update-manager -d. In times past, when I have tried to update via update-manager -d, I have had an awful time keeping a connection for the first two days.

With this release, I am no longer sending for the free CD through Shipit. I still recommend it if you have low bandwidth or less money and still want a proper CD.

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Shipit Now Accepting Pre-Orders for Ubuntu 10.10 CDs

Shipit, the Ubuntu “store” for making free Ubuntu CDs available, is now accepting pre-orders for the upcoming version 10.10, Maverick Meerkat. Shipit is intended for people who have limited bandwidth and are unable to download and burn their own Ubuntu CDs. Shipit CDs are also responsible for introducing many new users to Ubuntu.

With this release comes a new feature of Shipit – the ability to donate money to help Canonical continue to make CDs available to people who need this service. As I have used Shipit in the past and had no problems with it, I have already donated.

Remember that release day is October 10 – on a Sunday – and not a normal Thursday event. If you are not using Shipit and have not already downloaded Ubuntu 10.10, you should consider downloading it now and not waiting until everyone is pounding the servers on release day.

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Change in Policy for Shipping Free Ubuntu CDs

Everyone who has posted on this has titled it, “Keeping Ubuntu CDs Available.”  I am not going to go so far as to use that title.  The Ubuntu Fridge has an official message from Canonical explaining the change. It involves who will or will not be able to get a free CD shipped from Canonical via the Shipit page.

Right now, the Shipit page is making copies of Karmic Koala CDs available via pre-order. The change has not shown up yet, but a forewarning is there: the page lists the other orders you have put in for an Ubuntu CD. Canonical has found that due to the growth of Ubuntu, the company cannot afford providing CDs for people who are currently running an Ubuntu version that they can upgrade via update-manager, but still knows there is a need to provide free CDs for people who are just discovering Ubuntu.

According to the release, Canonical is limiting shipments to people that they think have alternative paths of getting Ubuntu. The examples are people who can:

– upgrade to the new release without a CD

– download their own CD for free

– become an Ubuntu member by contributing to Ubuntu and thereby become eligible for more CDs

– can purchase CDs.

I am probably misunderstanding the article a bit – it sounds as if, if you have a small amount of spare change after feeding your children, you will be expected to buy your CD. I pray that what they really mean is that people like me who have sent for CDs of previous versions should not expect to get Karmic on a free CD with all the CD wallet artwork. I am willing to concede that I have burned the beta on a CD, and can simply wipe the disk and burn the final release.

I am thankful that Canonical is looking into ways to continue to make Ubuntu CDs available, at least to the people who most need them. My own preference is that they come up with a way on Shipit that people can buy the latest CD if they want the distinctive cover and the distinctive CD artwork that will keep them (er, us?) from losing the latest copy.


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