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Lucid Lynx Has Been Launched

Lucid Lynx (Ubuntu 10.04) has been launched on schedule and is available for download. There is also a page of complete download options. I heartily recommend using bit torrent. Transmission takes care of the job for you – you just click on the correct torrent (in my case ubuntu-10.04-desktop-i386.iso.torrent) and then click add to get the torrent added to the Transmission queue and downloading.

Of course, Shipit is available if you need an official copy. Canonical is trying to cut down on the official copies, so they request that you only use this option if you don’t have the money to buy a copy, or your download speed wouldn’t make a copy feasible. I requested a copy to make sure Shipit was working before I sent anyone to it.

Remember that Lucid Lynx is an LTS release – long term support. Once you have it burned to disk or have updated to it, you may wish to go to System > Administration > Software Sources > Upgrades and make sure that the Show New Distribution Releases section reads Normal Releases and not just Long Term Support.

I guess I should mention that because Lucid has been released, you can now upgrade to it via update-manager instead of update-manager -d, if you are currently running Ubuntu 9.10 or 8.04 (the last LTS)Technorati Tags: , , , . I don’t know how slow that option will be today. I have had bad luck trying to run the update manager to upgrade to the next version on a release date.

May your upgrade go well and your Ubuntu experiences be enjoyable!

Lucid Lynx News

There is so much news for Lucid Lynx this week that I hardly know where to start.

I have mentioned bisigi-themes before, since the themes are a magnificent collection of wallpaper, themes and icons.  Bisigi-themes have now been moved to the regular Lucid Lynx repository, as opposed to testing.  If you have an eye for beautiful artwork, you should try:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:bisigi/ppa

sudo aptitude install bisigi-themes

Ailurus also has a new release – Ailurus 10.04.2.  One very welcome addition to this version is that Ailurus now has a Quick Start entry under Applications > System Tools.  For instance, here is the Install Software section:

The new quick start sections make it easy to find out how much you can do with Ailurus, and how powerful it is.

Lucid Lynx Release Candidate Has Been Released

The Lucid Lynx (Ubuntu 10.04) release candidate is now available. As always, to upgrade from Karmic (9.10) on a desktop system, press Alt + F2 and type in “update-manager -d” (without the quotes). Then, you just need to click on Upgrade and follow the instructions.

If you are upgrading from the last LTS (Ubuntu 8.04) on a desktop system, you just need to follow the same instructions.

I have found the release candidate to be without any bugs so far. I know that the development team is still working to fix major bugs, but I would be surprised if that many more surface.

If you are planning to upgrade to Lucid Lynx, I would recommend upgrading now unless you have a production system. The final release date is April 29. That day and the next one after it will overwork Ubuntu servers. The last time I made the mistake of upgrading on Release Day, I was not able to get my system upgraded for two days. It was very frustrating.

Other recommendations for upgrading to Lucid Lynx include changing your mirror from the default for your country. To do this go to System > Software Sources, and click on the current server.

I have already changed my server to a local one, but your server may still be set on the main server for your country. Once you have clicked on the current server, you have the choice of choosing a server that you know works or clicking on Select Best Server. (I wish to warn you that sometimes Select Best Server gives unusual results. I live in Colorado (USA) but have had the “best server” turn out to be in Poland or Brazil.)

The benefit of using a different server is that you should have better download times. This is because not as many people will be pounding on that individual server as on the default server.

Have a happy upgrade!

Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Beta 2 Released

Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx) LTS Beta 2 was released Thursday, April 8 as scheduled.  I will try to list new features that I have not already covered.  A full announcement was made on

New desktop features include what is known as “Social from the start” – Lucid features built-in integration with Twitter,, Facebook and other social networks with the MeMenu in the top panel.  Ubuntu Netbook Edition is now optimized to run on Intel atom-based netbooks.  The netbook edition also includes a new interface that allows users to quickly and easily get on-line and use their preferred applications.
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The desktop version will now be using GNOME 2.30, and 3.2.0.

The full release notes can be found at

As always, upgrading from Ubuntu 9.10 or (since this is an LTS release) Ubuntu 8.04 LTS simply requires pressing Alt + F2 and typing in “update-manager -d” (without the quotes) into the command box. Once Update Manager tells you, New distribution release “10.04” is available, you then need to click Upgrade and follow the on-screen instructions.

As they say in the release, get it while it’s hot. ISOs and torrents for the Ubuntu family are available at: (Ubuntu Desktop and Server) (Ubuntu Server for UEC and EC2) (Kubuntu Desktop and Netbook Remix) (Xubuntu) (Edubuntu) (Mythbuntu) (Ubuntu Studio)

One last note: Rick Spencer of Canonical has announced that for the final release of Lucid, Ubuntu will use Google as the default provider.

Maverick Meerkat

Lucid Lynx (Ubuntu 10.04) is nearing release. The Beta 2 release is scheduled for April 8 (2010). The release candidate is scheduled for April 22. The final release is scheduled for April 29. The reason I am harping on this is that Mark Shuttleworth has announced that Ubuntu 10.10 planning is already in the works, and it will be called Maverick Meerkat. Silly me, I thought normal people were still on Karmic!

Fortunately, besides blowing the mind of my spell checker, Maverick Meerkat will have a serious amount of new developments. The new theme is “Light,” which will be adopted at many levels. The Ubuntu Netbook Edition user interface, for instance, will be revamped. The Ubuntu developers will be working toward “the fastest boot, the fastest network connection, the fastest browser” for Ubuntu Netbook Edition.

As Shuttleworth explains, “Meerkats are, of course, light, fast and social – everything we want in a perfect 10.” Maverick will aim for making the desktop a “collaborative, social place.”

The schedule for Maverick Meerkat is:

June 3, 2010 – Alpha 1 release

July 1, 2010 – Alpha 2 release

August 12, 2010 – Alpha 3 release

September 2, 2010 – Alpha 4 release

September 23, 2010 – Beta release

October 21, 2010 – Release Candidate

October 28, 2010 – Final release.


BOINC is a project to allow people to use their unused CPU cycles to help cure diseases or do many other kinds of scientific research.

The version of the BOINC software that comes with Lucid Lynx is much better than what I’ve been used to. The start-up is not different:

Starting page for BOINC

Where the change really is visible is on the Project page, where you choose your account.

Page for choosing your project

The type size for the accounts – such as or rosetta@home – is much more easily read than in the past. For those of us who aren’t quite as young as we used to be, having readable print is a blessing.

After the page for choosing a project comes the Account page – where you sign in if you are already a part of that project, or sign up otherwise.

Account page

The BOINC software is already in the Ubuntu repositories. All you need to type in order to download it is:

sudo aptitude install boinc

This will install the manager, the client and other needed files. (In the past, I would have typed apt-get instead of aptitude. A kind reader suggested that I try aptitude because it takes care of dependencies better than apt-get does – for instance, by removing files that are no longer needed. I plan to do a post on aptitude in a few weeks.)

Lucid Lynx Beta 1 Has Been Released

Lucid Lynx Beta 1 has been released on schedule. Here is the official desktop you get with the beta:

The new human theme has purple in it, to go with the new colors on the background.  Note also that there are four desktops to switch among, rather than the two with Karmic and before.

As before, to upgrade from Karmic on a desktop system, press Alt+F2 and type in “update-manager -d” without the quotes.  The Update Manager should then open up and tell you:  New distribution release ‘10.04’ is available.  You can then click Upgrade and follow the instructions.

As it says in the release, “Get it while it’s hot.” ISOs and torrents are available at: (Ubuntu Desktop and Server) (Ubuntu Server for UEC and EC2) (Kubuntu Desktop and Netbook Remix) (Xubuntu) (Edubuntu) (Mythbuntu) (Ubuntu Studio)

Local mirrors are also available: Technorati Tags: , , , ,

Lucid Lynx New Wallpaper and Themes

The new wallpaper for Lucid Lynx (Ubuntu 10.04) has arrived. The main color is now purple – quite a change from the variations of orange and brown we have been seeing.

There are also two brand-new themes: Ambiance and Radiance. Ambiance is dark:

Radiance is light:

The Beta 1 release is scheduled for March 18. I wonder what new surprises we will find then!

Lucid Lynx Alpha 3 Has Been Released

Lucid Lynx Alpha 3 was released last Thursday (February 25) as scheduled. As always, it comes with the warning that it is an alpha release, not to be installed on production machines.

If you are upgrading from Ubuntu 9.10 or Ubuntu 8.04 LTS on a desktop system, you just need to press Alt + F2 and type in “update-manager -d” – without the quotes – into the command box. Once any other necessary updates are done, Update Manager will tell you: New distribution release ‘10.04’ is available. Then you just need to click upgrade and follow the instructions.

You may remember that I fussed about Yahoo becoming the default search engine. This has indeed happened, but the default Home Page will use either Google or Yahoo depending on your user setting. (I must admit, because I use Google Reader to keep up with the latest happenings in the Linux world, I immediately go into a new install of Mozilla Firefox, go to Edit > Preferences > General, and type in for the home page. This means I can use IGoogle – my personalized home page with Google Reader set up – as needed.)

There is a new default open source driver for nVidia hardware. The Nouveau video driver provides kernel mode setting, which will give improved resolution detection. Of course, if you need 3D acceleration there is always System > Administration > Hardware Drivers, which will lead you to the best nVidia proprietary driver for your video card. Now, there is even improved support for the proprietary drivers. Thanks to a new alternatives system, it is now possible to install all three drivers at the same time, although it is only possible to have one configured at a time.

The MeMenu in the panel now provides built-in integration with Twitter,, Facebook and other social networks. The MeMenu is built upon the Gwibber project.

ISOs and torrents of Alpha 3 are available at: (Ubuntu Desktop and Server) (Ubuntu Server for UEC and EC2) (Kubuntu Desktop and Netbook Remix) (Xubuntu) (Edubuntu) (Mythbuntu) (Ubuntu Studio)

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Ubuntu Switching its Default Search Engine from Google to Yahoo

I just finished reading an article at, talking about the switch, to be part of Lucid Lynx, of search engines from Google to Yahoo. Google has always given back to the Linux community (Google Summer of Code, products such as Picasa and Google-Desktop being ported to Linux). Google supports Mozilla, the company behind Firefox.

I know that Google’s attempt to come up with its own version of the Ubuntu distribution may have hurt some feelings, but using this as a good time to accept blood money from Yahoo/Microsoft What has Yahoo ever done to support the Linux community? Yahoo uses Bing to power its search engine. The Yahoo leadership tried to work out a plan to sell Yahoo to Microsoft. I understand that the deal between Canonical and Yahoo is supposed to generate some more money to pay Ubuntu developers – but so would selling crystal meth or tobacco. Canonical should be above this.

Here is what I sent to – since there was no other place on the Ubuntu website that I could find to post suggestions:

What is going on with Ubuntu now subsidizing Yahoo/Microsoft by putting Yahoo/Bing as the search engine instead of Google? Is this some MBA’s version of a cruel joke? Google gives back to the Linux community – Google Summer of Code, Google toolbar, Picasa and other products being ported to Linux, etc. Yahoo, on the other hand, uses Bing to power its searches. What percent of the money Yahoo gets from captive Ubuntu users is going to go to Microsoft to try to get rid of Linux? What is next – switching us directly to Bing?

If this very poorly thought out idea is forced upon the Ubuntu community, I will have no choice other than to switch my personal search engine back to Google, and to tell other people who read my blog ( how to do so. I do not dual-boot M$. I do not want M$ anywhere near my computer. I am not the only one who feels this way. Please look at the reactions on to the announcement of the switch there.

How many more of these MBA-type travesties are going to be shoved down our throats? You can tell by my blog that I have been a loyal Ubuntu supporter, even testing Alpha releases. I would hate to have to switch to another distribution.

P.S. I don’t know if anyone in the upper reaches of Canonical knows or cares that many of us use Gmail, the Google toolbar, Google bookmarks (yes, my bookmarks are somewhere on a Google server!), and other Google products? I use Google Scholar, for instance, and Google Reader. What the frag was somebody thinking, to come up with this farce?
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