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I Have Written to the DOJ

The Department of Justice Antitrust complaint information is located here. I have e-mailed the following complaint:

To whom it may concern:

I have been reading articles, such as this one ( which indicate that Microsoft, headed by Steven Ballmer, is using its near monopoly status to extort money from companies that use Linux. Microsoft waves about claims of 235 unnamed and probably unreal patent claims, and companies either stop having anything to do with Linux (like Songbird) or pay out extortion money (like TomTom). Microsoft is so huge that noone dares talk back. Who can afford to go up against a company that has one pretend competitor? Apple, who never is at any risk of taking up more than 10 percent of the market, is not a threat to them. Microsoft is using threats of patents of questionable existence or legality, in conjunction with threats of taking much smaller companies with far fewer legal resources, to court.

I understand from the news that Microsoft has been filing antitrust complaints against Google. Microsoft, meanwhile, is using its enomous size and power to cut down any competitors, including Google, that get in its way. I don’t believe I have to remind you about Steven Ballmer’s threat that he would “f—-ing kill Google.” Given that Microsoft killed Netscape (an earlier competitor), who could question that Ballmer means it?

In another article (, Linux Planet reports that Microsoft has forced agreements on Amazon and I/O Data. Because of Microsoft’s enormous size and market position, it is slowly killing Linux, with no one left to fight or show that its patent claims are farcical.

I do not question the rights of companies to hold legitimate patents concerning legitimate work done within the company. I do question an enormous company’s right to cry “patent infringement” while bullying smaller companies into accepting whatever it says while no one can fight back. Please look into this situation and keep Microsoft from using it’s monopoly status to destroy competition.


If we do not speak up, which of Microsoft’s competitors will be the next to die? Google?Technorati Tags: , , ,


August 2020

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