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Another Way to Do Address Labels

Last year close to Christmas, I wrote a post about how to do address labels from scratch, with no form to help out. This year, I have found out that there is an extension that makes life much easier.

The first thing you will need to do, if you haven’t already, is to run the command:

sudo apt-get install

in order to get all of the pieces needed by base, the database software. Family Address Book is actually a database already set up, with instructions for use and a handy program for inputting new records. Here is the menu you get when you first click on the downloaded file:

I heartily recommend reading the instructions before you continue. The program is powerful, giving you three different ways to run your labels as well as other options for adding and looking at records. (My only negative comment is that I could not figure out how to delete or change a record without going into the Information Table. However, once you’re there, it isn’t so hard to figure out.)

Here is the form to add a new person or family. As you can see, the database stores birthdays, anniversaries and telephone numbers as well as addresses. This makes it more powerful than a simple address label program would be.

One other thing I recommend – that I didn’t do last year – is to save your database on an external medium. I have an external hard drive where my family address book odb file is now safely sitting. That way, I won’t accidentally delete it when I reinstall Ubuntu. (Reinstalls happen when you are testing an alpha. Lucid Lynx is in alpha already.)Technorati Tags: , ,

Address Labels

Now that it’s getting close to Christmas, many of us need to print out address labels so we can send out our Christmas cards.  If you’re used to doing this in Windows, you probably have Avery or other proprietary software that you have used.  In Linux, things are a bit different.
OpenOffice Database is the software you will need on your Ubuntu system.  Thankfully, it comes already installed.  All you need to do to fire it up is to go to Applications > Office > Database.  You will want to select “create a new database”  if you have not already entered your addresses in a database table.
After you have chosen your database name (I chose Christmas Labels) and set up the database, you will want to use the Wizard to help you set up your address table.  Make sure you have selected personal rather than business.  The sample table Addresses will have the fields you need.  Put them into your new table.  It won’t hurt if you call your new table Addresses, since it will be in a different database.
Once you click finish, I recommend that you pull up the help screen, and search for “address book” without the quotes.  You will come to an area, address labels from databases.  This is what you want.  It will give you the step-by-step instructions to print labels based on the addresses you just entered into your address table.
Now, if only Ubuntu could help set up the tree!


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