Saucy Salamander Release Schedule

The release schedule for Ubuntu 13.10, Saucy Salamander, is posted at  Canonical is still staying with a final beta/ final release schedule for Ubuntu, with optional alphas and betas for the other flavors (Kubuntu, Xubuntu, etc.).

Here is the schedule:

June 27             Alpha 1 (Opt-in flavors)

August 15          Ubuntu 12.04.3 (the third release of the LTS version)

September 5     Beta 1 (Opt-in flavors)

September 26   Final Beta

October 10        Release Candidate

October 17        Final Release

I do not feel ready yet to switch to Saucy Salamander.  I may reconsider my view sometime around September 5, when the snapshots are less likely to break.  I have been using the Humble Bundle Steam keys to download many games via Steam for Linux.  As much as this prepares me to have my machine hosed due to the way Steam games can be re-downloaded, it has also been a lot of work.

Happy Ubuntu-ing!

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