Ubuntu 12.04 Will Be Supported for 5 Years

On October 21, Canonical announced that it would be extending the support and maintenance period for its upcoming 12.04 LTS (Long Term Support) release for desktop users from 3 to 5 years. This move is in response to increased demand for Ubuntu desktops in corporate environments where longer maintenance periods are the norm. It brings the desktop support into line with the support for Ubuntu Server, which continues with 5 years of support for LTS releases.

April 2012 will see the fourth LTS release of Ubuntu. LTS releases are particularly popular with Ubuntu business users. Canonicals survey data show that over 70 percent of server users are deployed on LTS versions. Bringing the extended 5 year support to the desktop LTS version is a response to the similar popularity in businesses of the desktop LTS releases.

The first two years of the LTS period will include hardware updates through regular point releases, allowing businesses to keep up to date with the latest hardware upgrades. Maintenance updates will continue on for another three years.

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