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Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Release Schedule

The release schedule for Ubuntu 12.04, Precise Pangolin, has been published on the Ubuntu wiki. Information on the release schedule can be found in the Softpedia.

Here is the official release schedule for Precise:

December 1, 2011 Alpha 1
February 2, 2012 Alpha 2
March 1, 2010 Beta 1
March 22, 2012 Beta 2
April 19, 2012 Release Candidate
April 26, 2012 Final Release

As an LTS release, Precise will have at least three regular maintenance updates. The first one, Ubuntu 12.04.1, will be released on August 16, 2012. The second one, Ubuntu 12.04.2, will be released on February 7, 2013. The third, Ubuntu 12.04.3, is expected to be released in mid-summer 2013.

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Ubuntu 12.04 Will Be Supported for 5 Years

On October 21, Canonical announced that it would be extending the support and maintenance period for its upcoming 12.04 LTS (Long Term Support) release for desktop users from 3 to 5 years. This move is in response to increased demand for Ubuntu desktops in corporate environments where longer maintenance periods are the norm. It brings the desktop support into line with the support for Ubuntu Server, which continues with 5 years of support for LTS releases.

April 2012 will see the fourth LTS release of Ubuntu. LTS releases are particularly popular with Ubuntu business users. Canonicals survey data show that over 70 percent of server users are deployed on LTS versions. Bringing the extended 5 year support to the desktop LTS version is a response to the similar popularity in businesses of the desktop LTS releases.

The first two years of the LTS period will include hardware updates through regular point releases, allowing businesses to keep up to date with the latest hardware upgrades. Maintenance updates will continue on for another three years.

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Some Tweaks for Oneiric

I have been working on tweaking Oneiric to get it the way I like it. Here are some of my tweaks:

1. I did a fresh install of Oneiric and found that Sun Java 6 is no longer in the repository. I need Sun Java for my work with Animal Shelter Manager, so I found a repository that has Sun Java 6 in it, ready to install. The directions are:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ferramroberto/java
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jdk sun-java6-plugin

Synaptic is not installed by default in Oneiric. Ubuntu Software Center still cannot do everything Synaptic can, even with its new features. You can install Synaptic with the following command:

sudo apt-get install synaptic

2. In Oneiric, by default you can only switch between the default themes. Also by default there is no GUI built-in to change fonts or icon themes. To change these things more easily, you can use GNOME Tweak Tool:

sudo apt-get install gnome-tweak-tool

3. This becomes very useful if you have added a new theme and want to use it. I particularly like blue, but I also like the Ambiance theme. Ambiance Blue is a theme pack that includes a GTK2, GTK3 and GNOME Shell theme. It also has support for the Unity panel.

Ambiance Blue is available in the WebUpd8 themes PPA:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/themes
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install ambiance-blue-theme

4. Another tweak you may find useful is to re-enable the systray for applications such as Shutter or Checkgmail. You can whitelist the systray using the following command:

gsettings set com.canonical.Unity.Panel systray-whitelist “[‘all’]”

After this last command, you need to log out and log back in.

5. A couple of times, I managed to wipe out Unity. (Don’t ask!) I found that you can easily reset Unity using these commands:

to reset the Unity launcher icons:

unity –reset-icons

to reset Unity:

unity –reset

It is also possible to reset Compiz:

gconftool-2 –recursive-unset /apps/compiz-1
unity –reset

These are last-resort commands, but can save you from having to reinstall Oneiric.

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Ubuntu Sources List Generator

The Ubuntu Sources List Generator is available for Oneiric (note that it still gives the version as Beta 2; I imagine that will be updated shortly). It yields a list of repositories suitable for your locale and version of Ubuntu.

The generated list can be used to replace /etc/apt/sources.list, or it can be used to gain the information needed to add the repositories. The following is an example:

Among the repositories available are Medibuntu, Google stable and testing, Opera, and Webmin.

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Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric) Ready to Download

Oneiric has just been released and can be downloaded from the regular download site. If you prefer a torrent or or a DVD download, an alternative download page is provided.

Of course, if you are just looking to upgrade from Natty instead of doing a fresh install, you have the option of pressing Alt + F2 and typing in “update-manager -d” without the quotes. This will give you the upgrade page and allow you to click Upgrade to go to Oneiric.

It is also possible to preorder a set of Ubuntu CDs. (Shipping will start on October 20.)

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P is for Precise Pangolin

Mark Shuttleworth has announced the name of Ubuntu 12.04 in his blog, Here be Dragons:

“12.04 is an LTS. So we want it to be tough and long-lasting, reliable, solid as a rock and well defended. It’s also going to be the face of Ubuntu for large deployments for a long time, so we want it to have no loose ends, we want it to be coherent, neat.

“We’ve told the story of the cloud in previous releases, and that comes to fruition in 12.04 with the first LTS that supports both the cloud guest, and cloud infrastructure, across ARM and x86 architectures. We’ve also told the story of Unity in previous releases, and that comes to fruition in a fast, lean interface that works well across clients both thick and thin. 12.04 is going to be a lot more than all that, but for the full reveal, you’ll need to wait till UDS! Nevertheless, we can take reliability, precision, and polish as a given.

“Balancing all of those options, I think we have just the right mix in our designated mascot for 12.04 LTS. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Precise Pangolin.”

A pangolin is defined by Wikipedia to be a mammal with “large, hardened, plate-like scales”. The scales are made of keratin, the same material human fingernails are made of.

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS is due for release in April, 2012.

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New Oneiric Wallpaper Blues

Within the past week or so, i have upgraded to Oneiric Ocelot Beta 2. 

The new artwork for Oneiric appeared yesterday. It pleases some people, I am sure. I, on the other hand, was not able to find a single wallpaper I was really happy with. If you are like me, the easiest thing to do is to click on Ubuntu Software Center (the side button) and type “wallpaper” (without the quotes) into the search box.

You should find plenty of alternatives, such as ubuntu-wallpapers-extra and blubuntu-wallpapers. I am using Blubuntu for right now, as I try to find something even better. (I definitely have a weakness for blue.)

Other places you might want to try for wallpapers is, or (There are others – Google is very helpful.) With these, all you have to do is to download them ihto your Pictures folder, and then just make sure in Appearances (right-click on the desktop), you have the selection on the top left changed from Wallpaper to Pictures Folder.

Please note: Oneiric Beta 2 is crash-happy. This should be resolved before the final version is released, so I won’t worry you, except to remark that they really mean not to put this on production machines. 😉

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