0 A.D. Alpha 7 Has Been Released

Wildfire Games proudly announces the release of “) A.D. Alpha 7 Geronium,” the seventh Alpha version of 0 A.D. 0 A.D. is an Age of Empires – like, real-time strategy game. The game is open source, and is available for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.

The top new features in this release are:

new dynamic territory design
new Carthaginian civilization
a brand new main menu design
new sound tracks as well as 100+ new sound effects
5 new maps.

0 A.D can be installed in Ubuntu by using the following commands:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:wfg/0ad
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install 0ad

The game can be run from the command line (Alt + F2 or the terminal) as


A more up-to-date but less stable version is available from their development snapshot PPA, which should be updated each week. Follow the commands above but use the ppa:wfg/0ad.dev repository name.

Here is the main menu window, sized to fit:

As the announcement states: “Please contribute! … We need your help to finish the game. Thanks.” They are seeking contributors in programming, art, sound, web design, taking YouTube videos and more.

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