Is Xmarks Really Dead?

I recently blogged about the pending demise of Xmarks, the bookmark syncing service that works across browsers. It looks like there may be hope, after all.

In a recent post, James Joaquin, the CEO of Xmarks, shared that the company has “received a lot of credible interest from companies interested in acquiring the Xmarks assets and taking over the service….” Not only this, but many users have said that they would be willing to pay for Xmarks. Xmarks has set up a Pledgebank page where people can sign up if they are willing to pay $10-$20 per year for the service. The link is here.

I know that Firefox Sync and Chrome Sync are free solutions, each for its own browser. However, if you are like me and use a back-up browser, Xmarks is still the only game in town for syncing both sets of bookmarks. Please give consideration to going to the Pledgebank page and signing up. The future of Xmarks may depend on it.

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