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Lucid Lynx Release Candidate Has Been Released

The Lucid Lynx (Ubuntu 10.04) release candidate is now available. As always, to upgrade from Karmic (9.10) on a desktop system, press Alt + F2 and type in “update-manager -d” (without the quotes). Then, you just need to click on Upgrade and follow the instructions.

If you are upgrading from the last LTS (Ubuntu 8.04) on a desktop system, you just need to follow the same instructions.

I have found the release candidate to be without any bugs so far. I know that the development team is still working to fix major bugs, but I would be surprised if that many more surface.

If you are planning to upgrade to Lucid Lynx, I would recommend upgrading now unless you have a production system. The final release date is April 29. That day and the next one after it will overwork Ubuntu servers. The last time I made the mistake of upgrading on Release Day, I was not able to get my system upgraded for two days. It was very frustrating.

Other recommendations for upgrading to Lucid Lynx include changing your mirror from the default for your country. To do this go to System > Software Sources, and click on the current server.

I have already changed my server to a local one, but your server may still be set on the main server for your country. Once you have clicked on the current server, you have the choice of choosing a server that you know works or clicking on Select Best Server. (I wish to warn you that sometimes Select Best Server gives unusual results. I live in Colorado (USA) but have had the “best server” turn out to be in Poland or Brazil.)

The benefit of using a different server is that you should have better download times. This is because not as many people will be pounding on that individual server as on the default server.

Have a happy upgrade!


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