Ubuntu One

Ubuntu One shipped with Karmic Koala, Alpha 4. It is a storage service that is in the cloud. With it, you can store important files on the main server. Other people you are working with can access the files. You can keep your personal copy in sync. Two gigabytes of storage come free if you wish to try it out, or – like me – don’t have a whole lot of “mission-critical” files that would cause you a heart attack if they got lost.

I am somewhat used to working in the cloud. GMail allows you to archive important e-mails – those containing keys to proprietary software, for instance – on a main server so that you won’t lose them if something happens to your computer.

You access Ubuntu One on your computer via Applications >> Internet >> Ubuntu One. I found, since Karmic is in Alpha and Ubuntu One is in Beta, I could not subscribe through that route, but had to go to https://ubuntuone.com/. However, subscribing there was very easy. They have the 2 gig plan for free, of course, but they also have a 10 gigabyte plan for $10 per month.

Once you start up Ubuntu One on your computer, you will get an icon in your notification area on the top right side of your screen. If you click on it, you get a file browser window showing your personal files and the ones you wish to share. There is also a button to connect to the main Ubuntu One server.

I have signed up for the free subscription. People in small businesses may wish to consider the upgrade. If you are in a small business, though, you may want to wait for the Karmic Beta or choose to download the Ubuntu One software onto your stable version. I had some problems that I believe are due to the Karmic Alpha and not to Ubuntu One.


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