Fallen Sword

Today I am going to review another MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) that works with Linux.

Fallen Sword is set in ancient times. there is a fragmented backstory which tells of the ancient world of Erildath, consisting of four world realms. You need to go about each of these realms, proceeding by level. As you go, you get better equipment, but of course you also face more serious monsters.

Here, I am showing my own character profile page. I have “paid” in Fallen Sword points to have extra storage slots. There are other enhancements that can be bought with them. I have borrowed my equipment from my guild. Guilds are very important in this game, giving access to better equipment than one person can afford or earn, as well as guild buffs.

I personally don’t find that there is much of a story line to this game. If you like competition, however, or the good old standby of killing plenty of monsters, you will have that galore! There is even a PvP (Player vs. Player) Arena for those who are so inclined. (I personally don’t like PvP, so I warn people in my bio that I will put a bounty on players who attack me and don’t pay back the gold they got.)

When I went to upload my avatar, I found that Fallen Sword recognizes my home directory, and is able to upload from a Linux system. I made my decision to review it when I found this out. Although the game can get a bit (for me) tedious at times as you are leveling up, it does have great guilds and interesting quests. I rate it as a B, knowing that those who are interested in PvP might view it more kindly. Since it works with Linux, it is well worth considering.


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