When I ran update-manager -d and updated my system to Karmic Koala, I was a bit surprised to find that my Gnome Sword 2 had switched to Xiphos, and that BibleTime for KDE was also installed. Being nosy, I had to check the Xiphos website to find out what was going on.

Xiphos is the new name for Gnome Sword. It is a Bible study tool for Linux, Unix and Windows, written under the GNOME toolkit. It uses modules from the Sword Project to provide a rich environment for studying and reading the Bible. It can be accessed via Applications > Accessories > Xiphos Bible Guide.

Here is a screenshot of Xiphos in operation.

As you will note, I am using the New English Translation (NET). For this, I had to download the modules from ftp.bible.org, and pay $19.00. As part of the normal Crosswire (Sword Project) ftp site, modules Netfree and Netnotesfree are the free version. I found that I liked the notes available in Netnotesfree so much that I was willing to pay to have the complete Bible study notes. Others may wish to use the available study notes which can be downloaded without cost.

I have found Xiphos and its predecessor (Gnome Sword 2) to be easy to use and very helpful. Several of the modules you will want are available in the Ubuntu repository, immediately added when you add the English language module. All you need to do is go to the Synaptic Package Manager, search on sword and select what you want.

I highly recommend Xiphos if you are in the market for Bible study software.


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