Cedega, from TransGaming, is a proprietary compatability layer that allows kWindows games to run transparently on several different Linux distributions right out of the box. There is a Games Database that will let you know if your particular game will run seamlessly. Cedega is based on Wine (Wine is Not an Emulator), the open source compatability layer that enables some Windows software to be run on Linux.

I’ll tell you right up front – the current fee for Cedega runs $60 per year. This is because, in addition to running the programs that Wine will run, Cedega keeps up to date with the latest Windows games, as well as being the best Windows 95 emulator I have personally experienced. I used Windows before I started with Linux, so there are Windows 95 games I am hooked on. For me, that $60 permits playing the one game that I’ve never found simulated for Linux, Master of Orion II.

Cedega has a FAQ that tells how it supports Windows games. It also gives further information on how to sign up, as well as listing system requirements and much more.

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