Jaunty Jackalope Was Launched April 23

Ubuntu 9.04, Jaunty Jackalope, was released yesterday. The release was right on schedule. If you have not already updated, Update Manager should prompt you to update as soon as you have all of your updates for Intrepid taken care of. (You can only update to Jaunty directly from Intrepid.)

If you need or want to get Jaunty on CD, here are your options.

1) The Get Ubuntu page contains a download link that points you to sources by region, and lets you get the type of Ubuntu you want. The default for computer architecture, 32bit, works best for most computers.

2) You can request a free CD from Canonical. They state that delivery typically takes 6 to 10 weeks. I don’t recall it being that long in my experience, but it was long enough that I will be burning my own CD this time.

3) You can buy a CD or DVD. The Buy on CD option links you to the Canonical Shop or Amazon.com.


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