New Stuff in Jaunty

Jaunty Jackalope – coming out in final release April 23, presuming the schedule holds – has two very fine new packages for people who want to clean up unnecessary junk that may be lying around in their computers.

Computer Janitor comes with the default Ubuntu setup.  You get there by going to System > Administration > Computer Janitor.  It allows you to clean up “cruft” – obsolete files or files that have no repository connection. It learns quickly. If you have a file you got from Getdeb or another source, and not from a repository, you only have to tell it once not to delete the file. After that, it assumes that you don’t want the file deleted (unless you change your mind).

Here is a screenshot of Computer Janitor:

Bleachbit allows you to remove stuff like cookies and form-filling information that you may want to remove if, for instance, you are sharing your computer. Even if you are not sharing your computer, you may want to clean up your caches so they don’t get too large. Bleachbit takes care of cleaning up after packages as diverse as Adobe Reader, Firefox, and even system cache files.

Here is a screenshot of Bleachbit:

In order to fetch Bleachbit from the Ubuntu repository, you need to use Alt + F2, then type sudo apt-get install bleachbit. Of course, if you prefer, you can use Add/Remove or the Synaptic Package Manager.

I hope you find them as useful as I already have!


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