Ubuntu Tweak 0.4.5 Has Been Released

TualatriX, the developer behind Ubuntu Tweak, has just announced the release of version 0.4.5. This comes about almost two months after the last release. Several improvements have been added, as well as new features:

Clean up old config files

If you often install and remove applications, there are probably a lot of outdated config files lying around your system. Now, Ubuntu Tweak’s Cleaner has had a new feature added: Clean Config. This can save you needing to remember to use apt-get with the –purge option, or remembering to go into Synaptic Package Manager to remove these files. Please see the screenshot below – all you have to do is click on Clear Config, under Applications > Package Clear.

Change in Preferences – Check update

If you do not update automatically via the repository, Ubuntu Tweak has a feature that checks for updates automatically. It can now be turned off, to give the user the choice.

Default Launch lets you access your most used function quickly

Let’s say your most commonly used function in Ubuntu Tweak is Cleaner. So, every time you launch Ubuntu Tweak to clean the system, you need to go to Application, let it expand, and then click Cleaner. Now, by setting the Default Launch for your most commonly used function, you will access it immediately, bypassing the Welcome page and other pages in between.

Signatures for all PPA sources

Launchpad PPA sources are the majority of Ubuntu Tweak’s third party sources. Now, the repositories are finally signed with keys. When you enable a PPA source in Ubuntu Tweak, it will import the key at the same time, adding to your computer security.

Help with debugging

Even Ubuntu Tweak is not perfect, alas! Something could go wrong while you are running it. Now, Ubuntu Tweak has the ability to catch the error message. If you want to help debug, you can copy the error message and report it.

The release tells how to add the apt-key for Ubuntu Tweak, and gives links to the versions available. These versions are for Hardy (covering Gutsy and older) and Intrepid.

Personal note

I am temporarily using Intrepid since my attempt to install the Nvidia-glx-180 driver fragged my implementation of Jaunty. Ubuntu Tweak will most likely be ready for Jaunty shortly before the official release.


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