When All Else Fails

My mother, a teacher, was very fond of saying, when all else fails including you, read the chapter. What I am about to tell you is a case where I did all the necessary software checks but – oops! – forgot to check the hardware. 😉

For the last week or so, I have been having an awful problem with my internet connection. I have a wireless card, which up until that time was working reasonably well. A week ago, my internet connections started to have entirely too much in common with a yo-yo. Being a – so I thought – fairly knowledgeable computer geekette, I proceeded to reboot the Linksys router and Qwest modem, to no avail. Then, since it couldn’t hurt even though it is normally a Windows trick, I rebooted my computer. Still, the connection was lousy.

Today, it downgraded from lousy to horrible – only up long enough to go back down. I went back to my assortment of tricks – check with the children to see if their Windows boxes had any better connection (yes in both cases). Reboot the router and modem. Download the latest updates from Jaunty in case the developers were working so hard they had broken something and had only now fixed it. It wasn’t until I started to move my computer box to the side to see if I could get a better connection physically to the signal coming from the Linksys router, that I finally realized what the problem was.

Both of the fan vents on the side of my computer were covered with dilute blue-cream tortie-point Siamese cat fur! Thick wads of the stuff, actually. As soon as I removed the suspect wads, the internet connection improved at least a thousand percent.

So much for all my booklearning! I’ll have to make sure I never again forget to dust the side of the computer. 😀

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