Jaunty Jackalope Impression

Jaunty Jackalope is already turning out to be better than Intrepid, even with a few bugs not quite shaken out. The booting time is noticeably shorter. Even the installation time seemed to be shorter, though I didn’t do benchmarks. My wifi connection is working as well as or better than it did with Intrepid.

Compared to Intrepid when it was in Alpha 3 – when I started testing the last time around – I am duly impressed. The sound isn’t broken. Already, it works and works well. There are a few things that make me aware I am running an Alpha version, though, like the restart icon that does nothing when you click on it, or the Nvidia driver that belches xserver-xorglets all over the great bit bucket in the sky when you install it.

I hope they get the Nvidia problem solved soon, I’ll admit – not being able to use the driver means not being able to use the proper resolution for my widescreen monitor. I know that one has been posted at bugs.launchpad.net. That means it is being worked on. Whew!


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