Jaunty Jackalope Part Deux

A few days ago, I attempted to upgrade to Jaunty Jackalope by the easiest method, Alt+F2, update-manager -d.  I tried that method a few more times in the next few days.  I kept getting error messages.  I found out in the meantime that the desktop cd iso is available. This was not yet ready for Alpha 1, but was made available for Alpha 2. Today, I broke down, downloaded the iso, fired up my cd writer and burned an installation disk for myself. (This necessarily involved going out and getting said external DVD/CD writer since the CD read/writer on my computer never got the hang of writing stuff to disk – long story.)

Here are my first impressions of Jaunty.

1) The boot time for Jaunty is noticeably faster than it was for Intrepid. This was part of the plan for Jaunty, and it has been very successful.

2) One complaint I have so far is that I didn’t get the window I got when installing Intrepid, telling me that I needed to download an Nvidia driver. Since my Nvidia video card requires a proprietary driver in order to work properly, I am looking into this. The workaround I am planning to use is to install envyng-qt and envyng-core (sudo aptitude install envyng-qt envyng-core).  Envy-ng will select the correct Nvidia driver and install it, without my needing to know in advance which driver number is the right one.

Because right now Jaunty jackalope is in alpha, you should only test it if you are up to handling breakage.  It would be nice if such major software projects could go straight to a non-buggy, final form.  Such, alas, is not the present condition of humanity.  If you feel you are up to being a bug-hunter, please adventure along with me and many others, and help the designers bring about the final form that we are all eagerly awaiting.  It is scheduled for release in April.

Happy bug-hunting!

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