One reason I Love Linux

This being Christmas-time, a time to remember gifts we have been given as well as planning on gifts we are giving to others, I can’t help but think of the many gifts the Ubuntu and Linux communities have given to us all. So here is one of my top favorites, at length.

Ubuntu Tweak is possibly my favorite addition to Ubuntu out-of-the-box. Ubuntu Tweak 0.4.4 was released on December 15. It is so new that I haven’t had a chance to enjoy all of the latest additions yet, but here are some:

a. Enabling Metacity’s compositing option. Metacity is the default window manager in Gnome. Compiz is enabled by default to provide eye-candy and a 3D desktop. If you have had to turn off Compiz to get your games or even your year-old computer (cough, cough) to run, you now have an easy way to turn on Metacity compositing. Just check the option, “Enable Metacity’s Compositing feature” under Desktop>Windows>Compositing Manager. No more having to go to the application launcher (Alt-F2), type in gconf-editor, etc.

b. Taking care of thumbnails. When you browse pictures on your computer, they are copied to ~/./thumbnails/normal. This can grow to take up quite a lot of space. Now, with Ubuntu Tweak, you can configure how long these thumbnails are going to hang around, as well as their size. Just go to System>Nautilus>Thumbnails Settings. Now you can determine how long those pesky thumbnails will be allowed to hang around, or even clear the cache.

c. More useful nautilus-scripts. If you’ve used Ubuntu Tweak before, you may have come to love such scripts as “Open with gedit(as root)” or “Browse as root.” Now there are even more scripts available to move files, convert images, link to images, etc. These are under Personal>Scripts>Manage Scripts.

There are also now a new File Type Manager section (under System), putting all the various file types in one place so you can change associated applications easily, and several new third-party sources so you can try new software from repository.

Kudos to Tualatrix for a job very well done!


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