Singing the Blues

By now, you may be tired of the ubiquitous “human” colors of Ubuntu, but not know what your options are. My personal favorite color is blue, so I had this problem early on. There are several things you can do to customize your desktop space so the only “blues” you’ll be dealing with are ones that you want there. 🙂

1. Pull up the Synaptic Package Manager and do a search on “themes.” Three in particular are of interest because they are immediate fixes – Blubuntu, Peace and Tropic. Install blubuntu-look, peace-look and tropic-look to get themes, icon sets, wallpaper and GDM themes that may interest you. One of these may be a good base from which to customize. I use part of the Blubuntu set, myself.

The other themes, silicon and outdoors, for instance, are window decorating- themes without extra attachments.

2. Do a search on the word “icon.” There are several icon sets – such as tango, yasis, and variations of dropline, that may be just right for you.

3. Quick searches on “wallpaper” and “background” will yield even more of interest. Some of the best backgrounds included with Ubuntu are packed in gnome-backgrounds.

4. Even more possibilities open up if you install gnome-art. This software will allow you to install extra GDM (gnome display manager) login themes, gtk engines (which decorate aspects of your windows), backgrounds, and icons.

5. If you still aren’t satisfied, consider heading over to or for many extra backgrounds and other possibilities.

Above all, have fun!


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