I can finally use AWN!

In my last post, I had a great deal to say about Compiz, the compositing manager that is automatically turned on once you have a video driver that supports it.  It is a resource  hog.  I have just found out about an alternative that works even for those of us who have lower-end systems.

By default, Metacity’s compositing manager is turned off.  Worse yet, you need to go to <alt>F2, application launcher, and type in gconf-editor in order to get to the screen where you can change it.  From there, you go to apps>metacity>general, and click on the box next to compositing-manager to make sure it is checked.

This compositing manager will not give you the fancy fire-on-the-screen or cube graphics of Compiz, but it also should not kill your games or freeze up your system.  I just tried it out on my own system and have found that I can now use Avant Window Navigator (AWN), a dashboard that looks modern and makes it easy to start up favorite applications.

Gconf-editor with metacity options showing.

Gconf-editor with metacity options showing.


2 Responses to “I can finally use AWN!”

  1. 1 Thomas Thurman December 16, 2008 at 7:16 pm

    Or: alt-f2, and type “metacity -c”.

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